Our recommended process for offboarding users is as follows:

In Exchange Online

  • Navigate to and log in with global admin credentials.
  • Click on ‘recipients’ on the left navigation and ‘mailboxes’ on the top navigation.
  • Find the mailbox to offboard and select it.
  • On the right side under ‘Convert to Shared Mailbox’ click ‘Convert’
  • This will convert the mailbox to a shared mailbox.
  • Once the above is completed any licenses can be removed from the user and returned to the license pool.
  • The user that’s associated with the mailbox must remain in Office 365 in order to prevent the shared mailbox from being deleted.

In AD on-premises:

  • Keep the user in a syncing OU and disable it
    • This will block the user from being able to sign in

If you have questions regarding this process please reach out to .